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Nobody wins unless everybody wins... 13 April 2009 - 16:28

Where Will The Community Stadium Be Sited?

An aerial impression of the community stadium (with north at the top):

Community stadiumTo the south-west is the campus of the University Brighton. A number of outdated 1960s buildings will be replaced by part of the stadium. The university's playing fields lie to the west.

The Brighton-to-Lewes railway line and A27 dual carriageway run from west to east just to the north of the arena, with Falmer Station immediately west of the stadium. On the other side of the A27 is the University of Sussex, which has signed an agreement allowing its car parks to be used on event days.

The bus-and-coach park lies immediately east of the stadium. Together with the railway station, the shared-use car parks and satellite park-and-ride sites, it will provide the key to the innovative transportation strategy. This is the ONLY site in the area where it is possible to implement a sustainable transport policy.

Village Way is the road running eastwards from the campus past the stadium and bus-and-coach park to the B2123. (Please note that there are some minor improvement proposed for the junction of the two roads which are not shown in this impression.)

The B2123 is a very busy main road from its flyover junction with the A27 southwards to Rottingdean. Falmer village lies some way beyond the B2123 and the eastern edge of this impression.

An extract from the Ordnance Survey map with the stadium and bus-and-coach park superimposed:

Community stadium