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Edgware Town

Harrow Borough Save the Wares


Edgware Town will sign the ground share agreement with Harrow Borough tomorrow night (Thursday) to secure the Wares 1st team future.

From Official site news:

Harrow and Edgware have agreed the terms of the ground share agreement and we have now to wait for the league to ratify the document before both parties sign it. We feel that both clubs can work together for the benefit of each other and it's a credit to the committee of Harrow that they agreed this deal which allows the Wares to continue.

We've done our bit, now it's up to you, the supporters, to get behind the club and support the boys who have all committed themselves to play for nothing this season to help get the club back on it's feet.

What can you do for your club, help on match days, raise funds, secure a sponsor, write an article for the programme, think about it, it's your club

The long term aim of the Management is to secure another ground of our own, for this we need funding and any amount will help, remember Oak trees grow from little acorns!

Peter Rogers, chairman of Harrow Borough Football Club has today confirmed that Edgware Town will be offered a ground share agreement for next season at their Earlsmead Stadium. This will allow Edgware to compete in Rymans Division One North and the Cup competitions. This is great news for the players, supporters and officials of the club.

We need everyone to rally round and support the club so that we can progress next season and find a new home for the Wares.

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Edgware Town Have Folded


Edgware Town have been forced to fold this week. This comes after a season when the club have won the Spartan South Midlands League treble, and with it promotion to Ryman Div 1 North.


It is with regret that I must inform you that we find our present position as a football club untenable.

With the recent purchase of the ground by Barratt Homes and the grant of planning permission by Harrow Council our main sponsor and benefactor has decided to withdraw their support with immediate effect, putting our lease of the White Lion ground in jeopardy.

We must vacate the ground by the end of the year (December 2007) and with no alternative ground or ground sharing agreement available we will be unable to compete in the league and Cup competitions this season.

This is devastating news after the successes of last season and all the work that has been done at the club to obtain an E grading for the ground. It will be a traumatic blow to the players, supporters and officials of the club who were looking forward to the new season.

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White Lion Ground Safe


Harrow Council's Development Committee unanimously rejected Edgeware Developments planning application to build houses and flats on the White Lion ground at their meeting last night.

The councillors saw through the ruse to relocate Edgware Town with a ground share agreement at the Prince Edward site and the offer of 750,000.00 towards the cost of finishing the Prince Edward project.

The planning officer could not give the council any indication of the estimated total cost or when, in fact even if, the Prince Edward site would be completed. As this was the cornerstone of the landlords case the application was refused.

Concerns about the effect of the proposal on flooding and the local road network were also raised. The planning application contravened the Councils own policy on the development on green field sites and would have had to be referred to Central government if it had been granted

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What Are Harrow Council Up To?

From the Official Club Site:

An addendum to Edgware Developments planning application states that they have agreed with the council to pay 750,000 towards the Prince Edward Development and 120,000 to Wealdstone Football Club. It makes you wonder where the rest of the money that will be required to complete the project is coming from? That could be as much as another 2 million.

How can the Council actively support a club wanting to move into the area, at the expense of one that has been in the borough for the past 66 years!

Is this a bribe? Is this legal? We know the Council are desperate to get ride of the expense of supporting what is turning into a White Elephant at Prince Edward, but to do that by allowing the White Lion to be developed for housing is immoral.Have the council not considered developing the Prince Edward site for housing? It has a lot more space, better road access and would have less impact on the local community.

Wealdstone sold their ground and have now spent the millions they received for it. Why do the Council, Edgware Town and the local residents have to pay the price for their mistakes.

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Wealdstone to Benefit from Edgware's Loss?

The latest press release from Edgware Town suggests that former tenants Wealdstone expect to finance their own new stadium from the sale of the White Lion Ground for redevelopment:


Proposed plans and a model of the development at the White Lion were on view at Flash Musicals, Methuen Road on Saturday morning 15th October. Apart from Mr Ryzner, the landlords consultant, Mr Nick Symmons, Wealdstone chairman, was also present in what appeared to be an 'official' capacity and he confirmed that the landlord of the White Lion Ground was to fund the next stage of the Prince Edward site.

Many Edgware Town supporters were in evidence and every resident that visited the viewing signed the petition being organised against the development, some even took forms away for their neighbours to sign. Edgware Town 1 - Developers 0.

Mr Keith Burchell, local councillor for planning, development and housing confirmed that the Prince Edward ground was costing the council a great deal of money to maintain and they are keen to see it finished. YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF WHY THAT SHOULD BE AT THE EXPENSE OF EDGWARE TOWN AND THE WHITE LION GROUND

See also The Hendon & Finchley Times.

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White Lion Ground Under Threat From Developers

From The Ryman League:

As reported in the press last week Edgeware Developments (their spelling not the club's) are to submit a planning application to build on the White Lion Ground in the next few weeks.
Edgware Town Football Club, their management and fans, will oppose this application.

Edgware Town FC Chairman Ken Batten said, 'We will not move from the White Lion ground, it is our home and has been for the last 66 years, before that it was used by Edgware Rugby Club and has been a sports ground for as long as anyone can remember.

'We hear every day about the environmental threat of covering green field sites with buildings and the subsequent risk of flooding, the White Lion represents a 'sink' for the local area, draining into the Silk Stream, has this been considered?

'Ground sharing with Wealdstone is not an option, to date they have not approached us, regardless of Mr Krai's statement to the local press, they do not have a ground to share and with the sorry saga of the Prince Edward site to date this may never come to fruition. Our survival is not in question, we are financially stable and our management team has built a side to challenge for promotion this season. Our youth squad is also progressing well in the Allied Counties League.

'Many local youth teams use the ground for League and Cup Competitions and our function hall is used extensively by the local community.

'We would ask all clubs and their supporters, as well as local residents who will be affected by these plans to help us in this action, for who knows you could be next!

Please sign the petition.

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